Producers of High Quality Classic Roadsters and Tooling

Our Story

CRD is a company founded in 1989 when Italian-born Candido Cavaliere produced his first car. Quickly recognized by classic auto enthusiasts for the quality of his work, demand steadily increased until his business grew into a development business for other car builders.

The company was further aided by two additional engineers that joined Candido in 1999. Effort was then focused on building tooling packages for automobile manufacturing. The total combined experience allowed the growing company to produce outstanding engineering features by keeping the best qualities of what people loved most from the originals. One choice was the 1967 Healey 3000 MK III which was out of production, and another was the Shelby Cobra, which are both still in great demand.

Recently a new roadster has been added to this stunning portfolio. Inspired by the sleek, curvy lines of 1950's racecars, the brand new Cavaliere 250TR is a beautiful expression of artful design and exceptional performance.

The Founder

  • Candido Cavaliere, Chief Designer

    Born in Rome, Italy, Candido emigrated to the US where he worked in the 80's as a GM Master Mechanic. In 1989, Candido developed and built his first car, which he discovered to be quite therapeutic. Possessing all the skills to handle the various tasks, other than fiberglass work, he focused his business on helping others complete their car projects. The Healey Factory was born when he decided to create a roadster replica business, specializing in Shelby Cobras and Austin Healey 3000's.

    After years of building classic cars for others, he decided that designing and developing tooling packages and body molds for other car builders is the part of the process he enjoys most. All the molds, jigs, and tooling he has designed have significantly streamlined the entire manufacturing process for other builders. He now specializes in development of custom tooling packages for popular classics, and leaves production to others who would like to profit from manufacturing fine automobiles.

    Much to the credit of his finely engineered production tooling, Candido's 1967 Austin Healey Mark III replicas and 1965 Shelby Cobra replicas are currently being enjoyed by satisfied motoring customers all over the world. Originally inspired by the sleek contours of the 1957 Ferrari TR250, Candido has recently completed the Cavaliere 250 TR prototype for classic racing afficianados, which is now available for purchase by a select group of discriminating buyers.